A certified Genesys partner for 14 years providing Genesys Implementation services to improve customer experience

Genesys Implementation

Pointel has been working with Genesys products since 1999. The services range from building omnichannel customer experience to building actionable cradle-to-grave reports. Pointel has interfaced Genesys with Avaya Experience Portal, Avaya-Red, Avaya-Blue, Aspect, Cisco CVP, Cisco UCM, Alcatel (A4400), Siemens (HiCom 300H), Rockwell Spectrum, Mitel, and various other PBX/switches. Please find the list of Pointel’s Genesys consulting services below.

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Genesys Voice Platform

Pointel has performed numerous GVP implementations from provisioning to performance tuning. As a certified Genesys services provider, Pointel has performed GVP sizing, installation, configuration, provisioning, and load testing. Pointel has extensive experience in developing voice application to improve IVR self-service and containment rates. Pointel has extensive experience in developing applications using Nuance Dialog Modules (NDM) and Nuance Address Dialog Modules (NADM) to voice enable IVR interactions. Pointel has also developed applications using different application frameworks including Nuance SDF, SAP Voice Framework, Genesys Studio, and Genesys Composer.

Genesys Routing Solution
(ERS and NRS)

Pointel has built Genesys routing solutions at the enterprise/network levels for Fortune 2000 companies. One of Pointel’s customers handles about 800,000 calls per day using a Genesys network routing solution. These solutions range from simple queue-based Genesys call routing to advanced service level routing to manage service levels. Pointel has performed last agent/relationship, concierge, WFM Schedule, SLA, Cost, Workload, and skill based routing at the enterprise level. Pointel has implemented Genesys routing to distribute load across multiple sites and follow-the-sun style routing for global enterprises.

Genesys Outbound Solution

Pointel has implemented Genesys Outbound Contact Solutions in progressive, predictive, preview, proactive, and push-preview modes. We have also implemented services ranging from extracting data from legacy systems/CRMs (back office systems/front office systems) to create calling lists to produce daily collection/conversion rate reports.


Some of the features that Pointel has implemented using Genesys Outbound Contact Solution are listed below:

  • Time zone based calling to maximize hit rate.
  • Do-Not-Call lists to abide by local and federal rules on solicitation.
  • Quick exclusion of calling lists for disaster area codes.
  • Personalized and group based scheduled callbacks.
  • Enable reminders and visual clues for agents in advance for scheduled personalized call backs.
  • Adaptive call list cleansing to improve efficiency.
  • Screen-pop with customer data along with the call.
  • Automatic voicemail and other SIT tone detection to apply treatments.
  • Automatic pre-recorded voicemail treatments using GVP.
  • Automatic outbound calls for proactive notification.

Whether you are implementing Genesys Outbound Contact Solution to improve agent efficiency or your business is outbound calling, we can assist you with achieving your business goals.

Genesys eServices and Enterprise Workload Management

Providing the freedom for customers to choose the media they’d like to use to interact is not only better customer service, but also an important competitive advantage to the customer-centric business. Pointel has implemented voice, email, chat, Mobile, Fax, SMS and custom media types (web forms, service requests, cases/tickets) for leading businesses. Pointel has experience in implementing Enterprise Workload Management (EWM) to improve customer experience and efficiency for offline interactions. Offering additional media types not only improves agent efficiency but also provides accessibility to your business.

Genesys Upgrade Services

Pointel has worked with Genesys Products from version 5.0 to 8.x and follows a unique methodology and process to upgrade your Genesys infrastructure. Pointel has successfully performed numerous upgrades over the last fifteen years. We offer a free assessment on the cost and risks for your Genesys infrastructure upgrade. Please contact a Pointel representative to obtain a free assessment.

Genesys SIP Solution

Pointel has extensive experience in implementing Genesys SIP solution and utilizes best practices and industry standards while deploying SIP Solutions. Pointel has deployed Genesys SIP Solution in various configurations including Genesys SIP solution integration to Microsoft Skype for business. We are an AudioCodes partner and can offer a network assessment to confirm and tune your network prior to SIP Solution deployment. Whether you are looking to implement a Genesys SIP solution in your lab to test it or planning for a migration path from traditional telephony infrastructure, Pointel can assist you. Pointel fully understands the advantages of open IP solutions and can assist you in making the correct VOIP infrastructure decision.


Genesys Desktop / Screen-Pop Solution

Providing all of the client information to agents upfront will greatly increase first call resolutions and enhance the customer experience. Pointel has integrated over 300 different types of software with Genesys to provide a unified desktop solution. Pointel has used Agent Interaction SDK, Configuration SDK, Statistics SDK, Open Media SDK, Genesys Web Services and Outbound SDKs for building Genesys Agent Desktop applications. Pointel has also used Universal SDKs and Platform SDKs (pre-built application blocks) to interface with Genesys solutions. Pointel has pre-built code and utilities that can reduce the risk and effort in integrating with legacy applications or build a custom Genesys desktop from scratch to meet contact center requirement. Pointel offers pre-built Genesys Desktops (Softphones) that are .Net and Java based. These softphones offer all the basic functionalities such as login, logout, ready, not ready, etc. along with integration with standard applications such as Salesforce.com, Pega Systems, Facets, Epic, Attachmate, Reflections, and others.

Genesys Reporting Solution (Pulse / CCPulse and Info Mart)

Real-time and historical reports provide insights on your customer experience and contact center performance. Pointel fully understands that accurate reports are the first step in measuring and planning for improvements. Pointel has installed, configured and customized Genesys real time reporting (Pulse and CCPulse). We have also implemented custom real-time reports by blending interaction data (number of inbound calls, number of outbound calls, etc) from Genesys with business data (cases, total amount collected, successful contacts made, leads converted, number of first resolution calls, one-and-done calls, etc. ). Pointel has worked on several implementations installing, configuring and customizing/writing custom reports from Genesys historical reporting packages like CCA, CallCon and Info Mart. Pointel has also built Custom ETL from Genesys Data Mart, CallCon and Info Mart databases. Our consultants have expertise in different presentation layers including MicroStrategy Business Objects and Crystal Reports to build reports to meet your enterprise needs.


Performance Tuning and Health Checks

Pointel recognizes that your contact center constantly changes to adapt to your business needs and changes. Statistics and surveys show that preventive maintenance and proactive health checks can greatly reduce downtimes and improve overall performance. Pointel can perform health checks and performance tuning to optimize your contact center investment.