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Voice Self Service

Voice self-service can reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. As with every system implementation, it is not the software, but the implementation that will define the success of the project. This also holds true for self-service implementations. Pointel follows a unique and proven process to implement voice self-service. This process has been fine-tuned through years of experience implementing contact center and self-service applications. Pointel can design and develop solutions that will meet and exceed our client’s voice application needs. With several years of experience in Genesys GVP(Genesys Voice Platform) implementation and integration, Pointel can provide an integrated voice self-service application to improve overall customer experience.

For a demo, please call: [732] 744-0440

Why Pointel?

  • Extensive experience in implementing and integrating IVR and CTI/CRM applications
  • Specialized in implementing contact center solutions using Genesys
  • Genesys premier consulting partner
  • Worked with Fortune 500 customers building voice self-service applications and integrating front office and back office applications including data retrieval from Mainframe-based systems
  • Experience in building applications using VXML and custom self-service speech grammars
  • Follows best practices in implementing voice self-service applications
  • Experience with self-service products such as Service Ware, Motive and Kanisa
  • Developed products using Genesys GVP to provide voice self-service
  • Reputation of 100% success in all implementations with a 100% reference-able customer base
  • Partner with Nuance and Microsoft for developing speech applications

Pointel Voice Service

  • Voice self-service strategy consulting
  • Genesys Voice Platform installation and configuration
  • Voice application hosting
  • VXML IVR application development
  • IVR application volume testing
  • Voice application fine-tuning