Pointel’s accelerators (tools) help customers manage and optimize Genesys contact center.



CMS is a comprehensive tool for audit and change management automation. CMS provides the ability to manage change and helps to isolate and resolve issues quickly. CMS helps to identify issues proactively and address them before it causes an incident.

  • ❯❯ Audit & Alert

    Pointel Configuration Management Solution Audit & Alert can help you easily and effectively manage your Genesys configurations, and enable you to achieve your vision of a better and improved experience for your customers.


DCCM empowers front-line supervisors and managers who are responsible for customer experience to manage contact center efficiently. DCCM puts the controls in the hands of frontline managers, WFM analyst, command center folks to act the speed of business.

Genesys Adapters

Pointel has created Genesys Adapters for the leading CRM and Customer Data (CX) Platforms, so that agents can have a unified desktop experience, and the customers have a more streamlined and intelligent engagement when interacting with your company.

  • ❯❯ Genesys Workspace Salesforce Adapter

    Pointel Workspace Adapter for Salesforce is easy to administer. Changes are centralized and highly flexible via configuration. Furthermore, you can customize screens to suit your business processes.

  • ❯❯ Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud

    Oracle CX Cloud customers utilizing Oracle Cloud Marketing, Sales, Service, Social and CRM SaaS applications, who also rely upon Genesys for contact center solutions, can conveniently conjoin these systems by implementing the Pointel Adapter. Agents can engage customers across telephony and digital channels to dramatically improve sales, customer retention and brand value with the Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud.

Change Management

Change management helps you stage and schedule changes to your environment.

Agent Interaction Desktop

A Genesys desktop for improving agents efficiency in handling customer interactions.

Genesys WFM

WFM Voice Self-Service allows agents and supervisors to access and update workforce management information from any telephone. Leveraging the Genesys Voice Platform and its open standards-based technologies such as VoiceXML, robust applications can be developed to provide “anytime, anywhere” access to WFM planning and scheduling, and real-time functions.

Survey Solution

Pointel survey solutions is a closed-loop feedback solution specially designed for business users to create and manage surveys

Contact Center Testing – STAMP | IVR Testing

Pointel STAMP- System Test and Monitoring Platform provides IT and business users the ability to automate end-to-end testing, ensuring that all systems work cohesively together for the optimal customer and agent experience.

IVR Analytics | CXi-Customer Experience Insights

Pointel CXi, the IVR analytics platform, maps the entire customer journey and analyzes calls end-to-end to turn data into actionable insights. Centralized reporting is essential for seamless customer journeys, as it is critical to know where calls are transferred or abandoned. CXi generates multiple reports on IVR performance, the Customer-IVR interactions, and sticking points in the IVR that cause customers to struggle. CXi’s IVR Analytics platform provides a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement.