Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud

Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud

Pointel elevates customer experiences with the Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud, bridging these powerful systems so your contact center can handle real-time interactions efficiently and consistently.

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Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud Overview

Oracle CX Cloud customers utilizing Oracle Cloud Marketing, Sales, Service, Social and CRM SaaS applications, who also rely upon Genesys for contact center solutions, can conveniently conjoin these systems by implementing the Pointel Adapter. Agents can engage customers across telephony and digital channels to dramatically improve sales, customer retention and brand value with the Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud.

The Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud unifies business systems, synchronizes inbound customer data and augments it with information, including last interactions and interests, as contact between agents and customers aren’t just interactions—they’re solutions.

By connecting these powerful systems, the Adapter handles omni-channel real-time experiences to maximize customer value. It helps agents become more effective by automating activities, displaying reports and sharing customer insight.


The off-the-shelf Adapter adds immediate value to successful customer experiences. The Adapter is pre-built, packaged and ready-to-deploy. Pointel can install and provide support or simply train IT staff to deploy and manage it.


Unify, sync and augment customer data for customized interaction flow between agents and customers. Contact center managers can design the perfect user flow and create winning customer experiences.

Seamless and User Friendly

The Adapter is built with Oracle and Genesys software development kits, producing deep integration advantages for agents and customers. The Adapter bridges the data between the two system and automates custom workflow prior to agent interactions with the customer. This cohesive automated call experience eliminates redundancy and human errors between the systems.

Agent Focused And Customer Centric

Equipping agents with visibility of prior customer history gives them with an understanding of customer needs, thus reducing effort from both parties and galvanizing customer loyalty. The Adapter customizes and automates activities by displaying contextual information and showing customer insight at a glance. Front-line agents will be ready to greet customers and quickly address their needs.

Genesys Adapter for Oracle CX Cloud | Benefits


Eliminate customers entering repetitive information saving time and frustration.

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Unify customer data, activity, insights and next steps automatically.

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Streamline all Oracle and Genesys system information into a unified desktop screen
including inbound/outbound phone, email, SMS and chat.

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Connect the full Oracle CX Cloud suite and capitalize upon loyalty, sales and marketing campaigns.

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Pointel Adapter is production environment ready, it bridges powerful systems, and streamlines customer-facing efforts.