Genesys Work Force Management

WFM Voice Self-Service allows agents and supervisors to access and update workforce management information from any telephone. Leveraging the Genesys Voice Platform and its open standards-based technologies such as VoiceXML, robust applications can be developed to provide “anytime, anywhere” access to WFM planning and scheduling and real-time functions. These valuable additions to the standard WFM solution can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the contact center.

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WFM Voice Self-Service can be deployed either in enterprise premises or hosted in a service provider’s network.

If the client is a Genesys Voice Platform customer they can run WFM Voice Self Service on the Genesys Voice Platform in addition to other self-service applications.

If the client is not a Genesys Voice Platform customer, they have the option to either buy Genesys Voice Platform or host the application in a service provider network.

Why Genesys WFM?

WFM Agent Voice Self-Service

Agents can call in sick for the current day or the next day Feature Description: Agents can indicate that they are unable to come in for work without calling their supervisor directly. They can quickly and easily use natural voice commands to tell the system that they will not be able to attend work due to illness. The system can optionally notify their supervisor immediately that an agent has called in sick, by sending a standard SMS message to the supervisor’s wireless phone. Benefit: Contact centers can reduce administrative costs and gain operational efficiency by allowing agents to interact with a self-service application rather than consuming the time of their supervisor or an office administrator.

Agents can check their schedule for the current day or the next day

Feature Description: Agents can easily check their schedules for the current day or the next day from anywhere, at any time. Their scheduled start and end times for the selected day will be read back to them by the voice self-service application. Benefit: Agent attendance and adherence to schedule can be improved with easier access to schedule information which will lead to improved operational efficiency, lowered overtime costs and increased customer satisfaction.

WFM Supervisor Voice Self-Service

Supervisors can review and approve agent sick days Feature Description: Supervisors can call the WFM voice self-service environment from any telephone and listen to the list of agents who have called in sick for the current day or for the next day. The supervisor can approve the sick days, which will update the schedule immediately, or save the sick day request for later evaluation. Benefit: Supervisors can review agent sick day requests and apply them to the current schedule from anywhere and at any time. Contact centers will benefit from lowered administrative costs associated with last-minute schedule changes, and increased operational efficiency because supervisors will have the freedom and time to better manage their team.

Supervisors can subscribe to SMS alerts for agent sick days

Feature Description: Supervisors can enable/disable a personal subscription to alerts for agent sick days for the teams they manage. This will allow supervisors to know instantly when an agent has called in sick, regardless of where the supervisor happens to be at the current moment. Benefit: Supervisors can proactively react to agent sick days for improved intra-day management and responsiveness.