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Posted on June 5, 2018

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What assures that your product matches customer expectations?


So, what assures that your product that matches customer expectations, reaches your customer faster?

Automated Testing!

And what if that Automated testing is web based and support your Omni-channel product strategy!

Pointel’s “Simulated Testing Automation and Monitoring Portal”, STAMP, fits that bill. STAMP provides comprehensive, fully automated and regression-based testing of contact center solutions to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Fast paced digital transformation is impacting enterprises. They engage in high velocity Agile and DevOps methodologies in product development which demands testing processes to not only validate the product, but do that at a pace of product development, with increased automation and monitoring, thereby improving testing efficiency and reduce time to market for the product.

STAMP ticks all the boxes in this category and can put the “Experience Assurance” stamp on your product. STAMP’s Omni Channel Service Strategy, supports various channels which includes IVR (DTMF & Speech), Chat and Mail. You can configure your test plans, schedule them for automatic execution in concurrent or sequential mode, at any specific time. STAMP’s intuitive UI also lets the user to manage their test plan and execute it immediately with just a click.

STAMP simulates the real-world call traffic scenarios and test the product to ensure that it has been designed to manage the maximum user load. 6-5-2018 4-40-30 PMYou can’t improve, what you can’t monitor and measure. STAMP monitors your testing and automatically provide real-time email alerts. STAMP also offers real-time monitoring of your test execution and generates historical reports that can be exported to review offline. Advanced graphical tools available to quickly view the test results in your desired graphical format. It is a trendy graphical representation that helps you take informed decisions by providing actionable insights and achieve continuous improvement.

STAMP has in-built Speech Recognition feature to remodel a complex IVR menu into an easy to use system.

By now, you might be wondering whether this product can support languages other than English. Yes, our product supports Spanish too.

In short, STAMP magnifies the speed of delivery and eliminates business risks upfront thereby elevating customer experience. If you are all set to explore automation in testing process then Pointel’s STAMP is the choice.

Seeing is believing. Request a demo of our product to our Pointel’s test automation expert @


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